This series of talks/articles is about food, wine, truffles and coffee. Most are pictures with short description.


Trip of the Dress Code – In this trip, we joined the Chaine des Rotisseurs events and the Burgon Society Congregation. Altogether, we had 5 dress codes, The most special one is the Academic gown undress. Although the academic gown undress is stated in the University of Hong Kong Regulations, “a robe of black silk, Oxford DPhil pattern,” probably it has never been used. The tailor of the Hong Kong University for decades does not know how such gown and how to make it. Then, what did I put on?


Materials for suite – Interested to find that some fabrics for suite are made from diamond dusts and gold dusts. What make them so special? The most expensive material costs more thatn $100,000 for a coat. What is it and why? Story about Saville Row.


Les Hautes Études du Goût (Institute of Advanced Studies in Taste, Gastronomy and the Arts of the Table), Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne), Paris and Reims, France.

·         A lot of amazing experience including cooking class in Le Cordon Bleu, Molecular Gastronomy, Medieval Dinner, visits to Martell and Chateau Margaux.


神之水滴酒莊之旅 [An article published in Towngas Avenue in Dec, 2009.]

·         Really an amazing experience at the 神之水滴酒莊 and had a wonderful moment with the Chateau owner and the birthday party of Sandy.


Michelin Guide Restaurants

·         The Michelin Guide, Hong Kong and Macau was announced on 2nd Dec 2008 and there was a count down party on 4th Dec with signature by the Director of Michelin Guide.

·         Some experience in the Michelin Star restaurants in Hong Kong and other places may also be shared.

·         The first two copies in Hong Kong were bought by us.


Best restaurants in the world

·         Experience from having dinners at the 100 best restaurants in the world.

·         French Laundry, formerly the first.

·         In 2010, we went to the such restaurants in Italy including the fourth in the world.

·         In 2011, visit several in UK including the Restaurant Fat Duck, formerly the first.


A day in Ceretto wineries (一生難忘的酒庄之旅) [An article published in Towngas Avenue in Apr, 2009.]

·         Ceretto Wineries – including barrel tasting (not open for public)

·         Lunch in a Restaurant owned by Ceretto with plates and bowls designed by an artist

·         Dinner in a Michelin Star Restaurant owned by Ceretto and trying a 1910 sherry


Canard au Sang (回憶法國血鴨滋味) [An article published in Towngas Avenue in Jul, 2009.]

·         Experience of trying Pressed duck at the La Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris (very little information has been published in the article. There are a lot more info to share such as the number of the duck for a number of very famous peoples such as Princess Elizabeth (He became the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain) and Prince Philip.

·         After publication of the article, Peter went to the restaurant in Oct, 2009 and did two things in addition to the lunch. He signed in the guest book of the restaurant and visited the wine cellar. After the visit, it was announced that the Restaurant will sell its oldest bottle of Cognac (1788) and other wines in an Auction in December.


An afternoon in Venice (在威尼斯懶洋洋的下午)

·         Caffe Florian (1720), Restortante  Quadri (1638) and Harry’s Bar (Origin of Cocktail Bellini, and there is a story behind)

·         A lot of people have been to Venice several times but did not know these three interesting places within walking distances


Truffle Hunting in Alba (Alba山上掘松露)

·         Some dishes about truffles and experience about truffle hunting.

·         Some info about truffles such as the auctions of world’s biggest truffle in Alba.


“The World’s Most Expensive Coffee—Kopi Luwak 世上最昂貴的咖啡—麝香貓咖啡 介

·         A talk on this was presented in the Hotel Expo, 2008 in Macau


An introduction to Molecular Gastronomy份子美食介紹

·         Cooking class with Uwe Opocensky (including the use of liquid nitrogen)

·         Dinner in molecular gastronomy

·         Hairy Crab, with vinegar caviar

·         A talk on this topic with demonstration was presented in the Hotel Expo, 2008 in Macau.


Sabrage (a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a saber) and the intronisation as a Maître-Sabreur et Chavelier-Sabreur of the Confrérie du Sabre d'Or


Signatures of chefs

·         Including some international Michelin 3 star restaurants, including Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Passard, Martin Yan, Alain Ducasse. A number of them have interesting stories. A set of four books signed by Thomas Keller, formerly the best restaurant in the world. For example Alain Passard and Pierre Gagnaire [owner of the Third best restaurant in the world.] were participants of the famous Japan TV Series Iron Chefs 人料理. One book was signed by Herve This, father of Molecular Gastronomy and Pierre Gagnaire who are very good friends.

·         A number of signatures are by the chef/proprietor of the Best 100 Restaurants in the World, including Fat Duck, Osteria Françascana.

·         It is also extremely difficult to get the signature of Alain Ducasse. There is a story on how I got it.

·         A set of signatures by Pierre on name cards of his five restaurants in the world.

·         A rare collection of a book by Dom Perignon Enotheque with signatures of chefs of all the restaurants and the Chef de Cave, all dressed in the medieval age costume.



·         Around 20 aprons from cooking classes in Hong Kong (Peninsula Academy, Inter-continental Hotel, Shangri-la), Paris (le Cordon Bleu and Ecole Ritz Escoffier) and Italy. A number of the chefs are from Michelin Star restaurants.



·         From major wine dinners, with a lot of the bottles signed by the winemaker/winery owner. One of the bottles was signed by the owner of神之水滴酒莊. 神之水滴is a famous Japanese comic book about wine.


Other stories about Italian Wineries


Story about the auction of Hennessy Beaute du Siecle in Macau (sold at MOP1.88M)


Cooking class with Alain Passard (Michelin 3 Star Restaurant and one of the top 50 restaurants in the world)


Cooking class with Pierre Gagnaire (Michelin 3 Star Restaurant and the third best restaurant in the world)


Cooking class with Uwe Opocensky (Molecular Gastronomy, including the use of liquid nitrogen)


Private Unveiling of Dom Perignon OEnotheque in the Bethanie


An evening in Krug Room, a memorable experience in Molecular Gastronomy


Canard au Sang (Pressed duck) in Restaurant La Tour d’Argent (origin of Canard au Sang)


Cooking classes in

·         SPOON

·         Kowloon Shangri La Restaurants

·         Peninsula Restaurants

·         Nobu


Wine and Gourmet 2007 Exhibition, cooking and wine classes


Tea and Coffee World Congress 2006